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Tony Bileci - Stock Bird

A Bileci based Stock Female from a quality I do not see very often.
  • Qormi Racing Pigeon Club
  • Bred by: Tony Bileci Loft 19, Club 12
  • Offered by: Tony Bileci Loft 19, Club 12

The pigeon being bidded 12-0018-06 is the direct duaghter of the two famous pigeons King of Kings, raced by the late Mr Franco Bileci who is Tony Bileci's father and Victoria, raced by Claudio Fenech (Iacchus).  Both pigeons are National Ace Pigeons Short Distance. There is no need for introduction for both Tony Bileci and Claudio Fenech who are both members of club 12.  This season 13/14 they ended up 1st and 2nd resepectively in the overall aggregates of club 12.

Together with this pigeon Mr Bileci is offering a youngster ringed with 2014 ring.  

This deal is one that cannot be missed.  Not only you are purchasing a very go asset for your stock but you will also have a yearly pigeon from Mr Bileci direct loft.

Bidding starts from Euro 100 and starts next Sunday 31 August at 12:00 and ends on 14 September at 12:00.

Who would like to bid has to first register as a user of this website then can place a bid.  You simple have to click on place a bid and it will lead you through.  The highest bidder will be the luckest pigeon fanciers who will win two pigeons in one bid.

If you have any query you can send us an email on

Good luck to all bidders.

14 Sep 2014
Auction Ends
Highest Bid
Rose Marie Scerri
2014-08-31 12:51:28
Mark Abela
2014-09-08 19:14:01
Rose Marie Scerri
2014-09-09 12:04:20
oliver sciberras
2014-09-10 20:37:45
Mark Abela
2014-09-14 11:53:02
oliver sciberras
2014-09-14 11:57:13
Mark Abela
2014-09-14 11:58:59
Mark Abela
2014-09-14 12:00:00
oliver sciberras
2014-09-14 12:01:53
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