Qormi Racing Pigeon Club

This pigeon club was established in 1981.  This club was the 12th club from the current 24 pigeon clubs that are opened.  This occurred when a number of pigeon fanciers whom at that time raced with the various clubs, decided to gathered together and open a club for members whom had their lofts in Qormi, Haz Zebbug and Siggiewi.  The club forms part of the Malta Federation of Racing Pigeons which governs all the clubs around Malta.  The federation sets rules which have to be followed by all the clubs.  The members of each club elects a committee to governs the club according to their statute and the rules set by the federation.

During the last year the club was situated in two places both in Qormi.  For the first 27 years the clubs hired at garage at 28, St Peter Street, Qormi.  In 2008 summer the members faced a problem as the lessor did not want to hire this garage to the club.  The committee of that time had to find another place in which the assets of the club had to be transferred and moreover had to find a place for the season months in which the members can basket the pigeons, do the results weekly and as a meeting place for the members.  The committee together with the fully consent of all the members, decided to find a place and this time purchase the premises.  In the summer of 2008 the committee signed the contract and acquired the present premises which are situated at 17/19, St Francis Street, Qormi.  This was not all. Members of the club spent weeks there and volunteer did the necessary maintenance that was needed in this new premises.  These had limit time to finish the work, since they had to transfer the assets in the new premises and to prepare everything for the coming season.  With the help of all everything was ready just in time.

The club is very busy during the season months and quite calm during summer.   In September the committee organises the annual general meeting in which the members can present proposals for the coming season which are during this meeting voted for by the members.  During this meeting the members also vote for the members that would like to form part of the committee for the coming season.  The committee is made up of a President, a General Secretary, a Cashier, a Race Secretary, a Ring Secretary, A clock setter and other that would hold the position of observers.

Prior to the season the members present the vaccination list on which they write the ring numbers of the pigeons that will be raced during the season.  They also present an amount of chip rings which need to be processed from the ets ring system so that these are then wore to the pigeons prior to the basketing.  During the season then, on a Wednesday the members inform the Race Secretary with the amount of the pigeons that they will race in the coming races.  Each member can race up to 10 pigeons every week.  By 8pm the clubs must inform the federation with the booking of that week.  After wards the federation inform the clubs with the amount of panniers allocated to the club in which the pigeons are basketed.  During the basketing process the committee is responsible that all the rules are adhered to by all the members.  The committee members have a specific role on Friday. Some are responsible to check that the chip number is identical to the life ring on the pigeon, others are responsible to inform the members in which pannier they have to basket the pigeons.  After each member basket the pigeons, the panniers are then taken near the trailer which is property of the federation.  The trailer then goes on the release point of that week and the pigeons are released on the time instructed by the releasers which are also engaged by the federation.


On a Sunday then the committee collects the electronic clock from which the arrival times are printed.  These arrival times are then inputted in the online site of the federation which is used by al the clubs to do the result.  The arrival times are automatically sorted by this system and the result of that race is issued by the club.  Qormi racing pigeon club awards the first 40 pigeons that arrives during the race.  The first 8 pigeons are awarded a trophy and the remaining places are awarded money which is equivalent to the amount paid by the member for that pigeon to participate in the race. 

At the end of the season, the points of all the members are added up and the first six members for the short, long and overall races are awarded a trophy.  Theses trophies are presented to the members during the presentation that is annual organised by the club in summer during which the members together with their family members gets together are celebrate with the winners for that season.

We would like to thank you for your time to read our history and activity.

The committee would like to encourage all the viewers of our site to make use of all the companies that gives us their financial support to continue going day after day.  Also we would like to wish all viewers both locally and foreign a very successful racing season.